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What’s Interlinking? A Down and Dirty Explanation.

Interlinking, or Internal linking, is an SEO tactic that’s important to use in your content marketing.  When you create a page or blog post with content, you want to find opportunities to link to other pages or blog posts on your site.  Like this from another blog post…

Because this article is down-and-dirty, I won't go into the technical reasons of why, but here's a good article that does.  Just know that it helps search engines better understand where and when you should appear in search results, making your content more findable by your target market that are searching for things that you do.  

Some best practices:
  • When linking, you want to intentionally select anchor text, or the text that you highlight and link to the other article, that is related to the keywords related to this article  
  • Try to put your most important interlinks toward the top of your article
  • Only link to the same article one time per article
  • Concentrate on a few articles to interlink to at a time, you want to go an inch wide and a mile deep at first
  • Choose the ones that have the best performance (best ranking for keywords, most enagegement, etc) to focus on first

This is a super easy best practice to implement tomorrow that will have an impact.  So get to it!

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