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Flashy Features Don't Make for Great Website Design

A podcast about McMansions gave me a great analogy for a trend that’s plaguing website and digital marketing performance for thousands of partners every day and you probably don’t even know it’s a problem. I’m dubbing it the “McWebsite” and this article breaks down how what you think are your website’s coolest features may be killing its effectiveness.

User Experience IRL for the Channel

We mostly talk about user experience in the context of your website or app development these days, but user experience applies to how people interact with systems. How do partners and customers feel when interacting with your company? How do you make sure that feeling is warm and fuzzy? By applying user experience design to your channel organization in real life. How? Read on...

The Robot Neurologist and the Human Side of What We Sell

While tending to a family member who had a hospital visit this past weekend, I was introduce to a device that enabled a specialist to monitor her condition remotely. This real-life application of computer and connectivity technology that we sell everyday combined for a powerful reminder that there's human side to what we sell, and that we do a poor job selling the human benefits.