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Effective because our campaigns are practical and creative.

Lead Nurturing Marketing Campaigns

For Master Agents and Vendors

You flew to Austin, paid for a booth and sponsorships, worked the crowd, and collected your leads at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo. Now what? We’ll help you nurture those leads with a highly effective marketing campaign that leverages marketing automation, outstanding design, and intimate knowledge of the industry to maximize your chances of turning those leads into partners.  

For a limited time we’re offering a lead nurturing bundle:
  • Multiple-email sequence 
  • Landing page with form
  • Analytics reporting
  • Fully managed service
  • Rapid development and launch

Running this professionally designed and executed lead nurturing campaign will:
  • Increase the % of leads that become partners
  • Prove ROI with advanced analytics
  • Engage prospective partners with your brand
  • Give insights about your leads to your channel team

in2’s lead nurturing campaign will improve the results of your Channel Partners experience.  Strike while your leads are hot, get started today!

Work your leads now!